Dear Tresmore members,

We would like to thank you for your interest and support since the service was launched in May 2017.
In spite of repeated financial losses, the company tried to maintain its business goal of growing together with its members, but unfortunately, it was inevitable due to erroneous reward plans and excessive commission through illegal membership attraction. Therefore, we had to make a sad decision of the suspension of the service. We hope that the members will appreciate it.

However, as mentioned in the previous bulletin, we will once again emphasize that the current measures are a strong preparation for a new leap forward, and briefly introduce the service content currently under preparation.

  • CRM-based "Personal Information Management System (PIMS)" service
  • "Real-life shopping mall" consisting of various home appliances.
  • "Penny Auction" which allows you to buy various items at the lowest price through the auction.
  • "TM Ads" is only advertisement promotion service for expecting the maximum ads effect on multi members.
  • "Ads Click" can increase revenue by just click and view.
  • Receipt reward (free membership only, 10 times per month limit)

  • This service is scheduled to start in May, and we are now spurring on the development of the last.

    At the same time, we are now working on adding a program to convert all of the commissions, TresPass, and credits (T / S / C-credits) currently held in Tresmore to TXD coins, which is the new paradigm for encryption and digital currency. For members who have already converted their commissions and C-credits, we are working on additional features to enable the conversion of the remaining credits and TresPass in a similar manner. The feature is expected to be implemented by April 16th.

    The TXD coin currently has a 90% completion rate for exchanges and markets, and when all the work is completed, the added value will rise in a short amount of time with the advantages of investment and currency trading. Please refer to "How to create TXD Wallet" for more details on how to apply for a conversion. The TXD coin conversion will be due on April 30, 2018.

    Regarding the launch of new services, existing Tresmore members will receive a three-month free membership benefit, and a new compensation plan will provide you with enough credit and TXD coins. In addition, through the free membership system, general members can receive TXD coins and credits by submitting a receipt without paying a separate fee. Most importantly, the new Compensation Plan provides a satisfactory return to registered members (marketers).

    We appreciate your generous interest and enthusiasm for Tresmore. We hope that you enjoy and share our efforts for a strong leap through this new service. We also hope that you will be able to join our members for greater profit opportunities. Thank you.