Announcement to All of Thanks Family
11/15/2018 Posted


Dear All Thanks family,


During a dark economic time where numerous companies are struggling to survive throughout growing competition, we find ourselves also facing adversity in providing news of constant positive growth. Our CRM platform was launched in 2012, followed by our global launch of our brand ThanksMatrix in November 1, 2014. We were able to participate in the biggest trade fair in Manhattan in January 2015 and began pursuing our goal to enlist on the Nasdaq (OTC Market) in March. Throughout the years, we overcame a series of obstacles involved in ThanksMatrix, Go7shop, Thanksblessing, GoLawcase, TMwellbeing and Thankstrucking. Despite difficult times of growth, we enjoyed times of celebration and fellowship through our corporate workshops and annual conventions.
In April 2017, we attempted to enter a new paradigm shift by expanding our CRM platform through the launch of ThanksDigit and Tresmore. In November of last year, we launched our own cryptocurrency TXD coin which was followed which was officially listed for trade on our TXBEX exchange in April of this year. Through our payment solution Thanks Payout, Visa cards stamped with our Thanks Matrix logo have been distributed globally.

The experiences that followed the launching of ThanksDigit and Tresmore in 2017 were filled with various trials and tribulations that came along with valuable lessons to be learned. Despite executing according to the strategies implemented by the CEO and Marketing Director of Thanks Digit, which included our plans to equip our CRM with asset management features, we had no choice but to suspend our operations in October 2017 due to unforeseen challenges involved with infrastructure, equipment and flaws in the compensation plan. Due to scaling issues faced by the management team and the lack of profitability in Z-cash mining, we decided to provide an alternate compensation through a TXD Buy Back program. However, due to apparent challenges of producing the expected funds, the current reality disables us from sufficiently responding to the Buy Back requests.
Though we have temporarily held off on operating our mining equipment due to various cost factors, we are continuing to look for valid solutions and suitable infrastructure to resume as soon as possible. Once we are able to accumulate a stream of revenue, we are committed in proceeding with the Buy Back program by paying out the remaining amounts through TXD coin via TXBEX and Thanks Payout.

Also, due to illegal attempts from unknown third parties to replicate our business and fraudulently contact our investors, we have temporarily shut down our website. Therefore, please continue to contact us regarding Buy Back or TXD coin by emailing us at [email protected] and our staff will do their best to respond despite the current obstacles we face. We would be grateful if you all can patiently perceive this period as an opportunity for TXD to exercise persistence and reveal its potential for future growth.

In addition, Tresmore was our leap of novelty in a new era of the fourth industrial revolution. However, due to similar factors that include excessive loopholes in the compensation plan and the lack of computing capacity to prevent frequent hacking attacks, we were forced to terminate the operation at the end of last year. Commissions were paid out accordingly through Thanks Payout until March of this year while we released TMNJOY as our alternate platform that provides penny auction and advertisement portals. However, we have cautiously planned to hold off further development until we enhance our manpower to avoid previous mishaps from jeopardizing our members again. We are currently looking forward to the official launch of TMNJOY as soon as we are confident with the developmental framework.

We would like to sincerely express our apology and gratitude to those who have been committed to their future valuation of EsolutionTG stock since its beginnings in 2015. We are consistently cooperating with our CEO Joseph Stravato as we remain hopeful for good news in the near future. We are also discussing potential methods of compensation involving cash and TXD for our valuable stockholders despite any challenges that may hinder us from doing so.

In response, we have successfully listed TMPOS (OTC:TPPM) as we currently hold shares through a brokerage firm that can trade U.S. shares anywhere in the world. For those of you who were early participants, we are currently in the process of electronic certificates so that you will be able to retrieve your securities in the nearest time.

We have met with countless marketers and managers to advance our TM Wellbeing products through MLM and CRM, including our international licensing in Thailand. However, due to the increasing competitive climate in the MLM industry, we were disappointed in having to resort to the route of traditional online retail sales. However, we will continue to market our quality beauty and wellness products through top online markets such as Amazon as well as our Café Thanks and Café Nail chain stores.

We have also faced various challenges in meeting the expectation of launching our Go7Tour travel platform this year. We continue to combat the various hurdles involving the ticketing system and business environment so that we may announce progressive plans for Go7Tour during our end of the year convention so that we can provide a way where one can achieve financial freedom through travel.

The following case is of global business matters.
The recent restructuring of our operations in Korea can be considered a foreseeable consequence. We were not able to witness substantial growth or revenue since 2017 from EsolutionTG Korea, ThanksTrucking Korea, ThanksHoldings Kore, Thank Tour due to poor sales performance, management and loyalty. Thus, consistently providing salaries for the entire executive staff of Korea on top of the U.S. headquarters has apparently becoming a growing burden each and every month. After experiencing such a devastating blow, we have decided to overcome this stumbling block by developing a revolutionary office lease concept called ThanksOffice.
Anyone can rent a work space by the hour, day, week or month without having to commit to any long-term binding contract via Those who wish to rent out their available work spaces can list them on and also access CRM tools such as bookkeeping and webinar that can help manage real estate needs. Affiliate members are also eligible to earn referral rewards for sharing the platform with others through the concept of Use, Share, Earn.
We are currently undergoing restructuring of our company including the inevitable reduction of labor and salary as we prepare for a new start. Anyone, including our employees and marketing leaders, are able to book a workspace via TXD, as we make our efforts to revitalize our company while providing an opportunity for wealth for our corporate family and product users.

Our global operations in Thailand to expand our TM Wellbeing and Café Thanks brand has faced profitability issues due to mismanagement within a foreign market with different rules and practices. Similar but heavier government regulations in China has led to a constant struggle to maintain profit and sustain operations. Therefore, we are working to adapt to the new changes in the global business environment so that we can begin a new expansion strategy throughout U.S., Canada, China, Korea, Thailand and more.

According to the November 14th report, the IMF governor encouraged central banks to create cryptocurrencies as the current trends point that the direction has already been established. In the light of all this, we encourage you to review the value and potential of our TXD coin once again.

TXD is currently available to process payment for travel on Go7Tour, office space on, resident space on, while those who wish to list their office space can do so on We are also applying finishing touches on the payment processing for Café Thanks, Thanks Nail, Thanks Golf, vending machines, washing machines etc., so that TXD continues to be adopted as a real currency.

In addition of being a holding of asset with potential of capital gains over time, TXD can be deposited and withdrawn through cash via ThanksPayout. Currently, TXD can be converted to USD in our TXBEX exchange. However, compensations for Tresmore, ThanksDigit and Stock Rewards are currently on hold until sufficient funds are acquired. In the meantime, please register for your global ewallet account so that you can withdraw your current TXD balance through a prepaid Visa card or your bank account. In addition, all users of Thanksoffice, Go7Tour and will adhere to the rules with no restrictions as we continue our efforts to allow our members to convert TXD to their respective foreign currencies.

Thanks will continue to persevere and challenge itself to overcome the barriers of financial crisis and global competition. We are currently challenging ourselves to enter the office industry while strategizing to increase the value of TXD and our company stock value. The fruits of our endeavors will be distributed accordingly to our stockholders as well as those holding on to TXD.

We are in the midst of battling numerous negative rumors that entail false information about our company and we will respond assertively in a legal and civil fashion. Though anyone can admit that we are going through a critical crisis, we must distinguish the difference between desperate efforts to resolve and actually closing down as a company. Thus, we encourage all of you to disregard false rumors rather than submitting to the recklessness of those who simply act on bad faith.

Thanks will continue to persevere through the lessons learned from the past years of challenges in order to grow the value of our enterprise together.

  • ThanksDigit members may continue to email us at [email protected] for inquiries regarding Buy Back or TXD. Due to heavy demands required by Buy Back, we will resume disbursements as soon as we obtain adequate funds. We are currently keeping track of all requests submitted and TXD conversion to USD along with Visa card registrations are active at this time. Also, as our operations environments improve, we will continue to disburse profits from our z-cash mining operations for those who are still interested.
  • For those who are holding TXD in form of Tresmore or stock, we advise you to first register for Visa debit card through Global eWallet as will we begin cash disbursements through the order of the requests received. Meanwhile, we will continue to research and develop so that we can launch TMNJOY in the near future.
  • TXD holders are also always capable to book an office worldwide through ThanksOffice. As stated before, we will continue to develop TXD into a global crypto currency that can be processed throughout all industries.
  • TXD holders can withdraw their TXD coin as a fiat currency through a VISA prepaid debit card that they can use anywhere around the world.
  • TXBEX Exchange allows trading of TXD to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, and other future cryptocurrencies to be added. Users can trade freely to make profit on margins.
  •’s Wallet and Trade/Order page are available on mobile versions including an Android application. Please refer to the User Manual available on the website for detailed instructions.

The Thanks mission is not to target only big enterprises with large capital but to provide a total solution CRM package to small-medium sized businesses that are operated by real day-to-day people. In order to achieve that mission, we are committed in overcoming any obstacle or challenges that may come across our way. As one cannot achieve true success without the taste of difficult adversity, Thanks will strive to become the company that we envisioned from the start in honor of our loyal leaders who have inspired us with their incredible resilience.

Thank you.
All Board members of Thanks,