Dear Tresmore members,

It has been a year since the launching of Tresmore. Despite many difficulties and changes over the year, we would like to thank you again for your ongoing interest and support.

Following the announcement made on April 10, 2018, here are updates on our plans.
We newly launched a website at TMnJoy.com.
The TMnjoy platform consists of web entertainment contents with the concepts of joy, sharing, and earning.
The service contents provided are CRM/PIMS, retail data collection, and entertainment (Penny Auction, njoy mall, ads njoy, click-on, ads coupon). These contents can make additional profits while members have fun. In addition, various revenues are being prepared to gain more value through TXDCoin.

Summary of key content

Membership Operation and Compensation Plan

Membership level is determined by the package you choose when you sign up. It is divided into free membership and paid membership. The paid membership will be divided into regular members and affiliated members. Based on package registration fee, affiliated membership carries different levels, such as Plain, Silver, Gold, and Pro. Each level has different benefits and requirements.
The membership ranking consists of seven levels of rank, from 1-star to 7-star.
Compensation plan has Direct Referral Commission, Global Team Bonus, Matching Bonus, and Global Pool Bonus.

Retail Data Collection

Only Free members and Regular Members are able to submit their receipts. Up to 10 credit/debit card receipts are allowed to be submitted each month. Once a member submits ten receipts, a free member will receive 10 credits (10 bids credits-BCR:10) and 10 advertisement credits (ACR credits) for the penny Auction. A Regular member will receive 30 BCR and 30 ACR.


  • Penny Auction

    When you sign up, you will receive a credit for bidding. By participating in an auction using bids, it is a service that enables to buy good products at a lower price. If you participate in the auction, 0.5% of the amount of bids participated will be credited with TXDCoin. Also, members who win the product will receive 0.5% of the amount of the product in TXDCoin as well as the product itself. In addition, for all members who participate in the global bonus auction, the 80%, excluding 20% from the total price of bids and total bids from the total number of bids involved, will be redistributed daily as a percentage of the bids they have participated in. In other words, only 20% will be company’s revenue and 80% redistributed to the members. Bids can be purchased additionally. Purchasing requisition can be made from $100, and 10% of the purchase price is rewarded back to the member in TXDCoin. 20% of commission will be awarded to the sponsor of the purchasing member as a bonus.

  • nJoy Mall

    It is a shopping mall exclusively for members where they can purchase quality products at a reasonable price. If members purchase their own brand (Private Brand), they will receive 10% of the purchase price in BCR (Bid Credit). Members can also sell their products in the shopping mall.

  • Ads nJoy

    It has advertising contents that allows members to generate additional revenue while they post and view ads. Members can advertise with advertisement credits that they receive when they become a member. In addition, if a member watches your ad 10 times a day > he or she will be given 1 bid. A member can click up to 100 times per day and receive up to 10 bids per day.
    Members can purchase additional ad packs. The ad pack is calculated as 1 cent in USD per click, so $100 for 10,000 clicks. When a member introduce the purchase of ad packs, we will provide 20% bonus to attracting members and 10% bonus to the sponsor of the attracting member. In addition, a membership is not required to purchase an ad pack to receive 1% of the advertising fee in TCR (T credit) and 10% in bids.

  • Ads Coupon

    When a member buys an ad coupon and clicks on the ad 10 times a day, the member will earn 1% of the daily coupon amount. Members can earn for up to 120 days. It means, 120% of the coupon amount will be earned after 120 days. After 120 days, members can withdraw or repurchase the coupon. Members can check the earning amount in the Ads Coupon Account and Wallet.
    The price for one pack is $50. Up to 2,000 packs can be purchased per member.
    The daily amount of 1% can be withdrawn at any time by requesting a withdrawal.

    These contents are what we are currently developing. A detailed marketing compensation plan will be announced a week prior to the launch. The official launch date is projected be on May 31, 2018.
    We will extend the deadline for the application to convert member’s existing commissions and credits to TXDCoin to May 15, 2018.

    Thank you.